In terms of care Miss Azalea is rather undemanding. To keep your joy of your azalea in full bloom as long as possible you should heed these hints:


Miss Azalea is suitable for every bright and frost-free room. Temperatures around 68°F she likes best; if she is kept in cooler rooms, shady or partially shady, her flowering time is extended remarkably. Try to avoid dry heating air which passes the plant directly and dries out easily buds, flowers and leaves.


It’s up to you whether you water your Miss Azalea from the top, from below into the outer pot or even give the root bale a bath. In any case it is important to keep the bale moist at any time. If you prefer dipping the root bale, put it into a bucket or sink full of water until there are no more bubbles coming up. Surplus water must run out so that the plant doesn’t get waterlogged. When in blossom the azalea doesn’t need any additional fertilizer thus it is sufficient to water it with tap water or rain water.

Miss Azalea