Do you prefer modern or rather classic style?
Like no other plant Miss Azalea enriches every form of current trend of living. Why not give your Miss Azalea an outfit that fits you and your flat or house? Your very own creativity might lend your Miss Azalea a personal touch by decorating it or placing it next to modern home accessories. Surely classic style is another option: surrounded by elaborate objects and romantic accessories Miss Azalea can shine perfectly.

Natural materials such as linen and wickerwork can be combined harmoniously with our white varieties of Miss Azalea. White flowers in combination with vessels in light brown or beige colours can bring tranquility and serenity into your home. As a first herald of spring Miss Azalea can keep the spirits high and enlightens every room.

In its natural habitat Asia, Miss Azalea is a popular object of meditation. It embodies Ying and Yang with its woody branches symbolizing strength and power contrasted by the delicate flowers as symbols of fragility and tenderness. Similar to our four-leaf clover the azalea is a lucky symbol in Asian culture.

Miss Azalea naturally improve the room climate. They evaporate pure water through their leaves and produce oxygen, which benefits to your personal well-being.

Miss Azalea … Wellness.

Miss Azalea